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After finishing its painfull 78.5 % fibonacci retracement, I am expecting EOC to race to 47€.

So I d use current valuations to buy more EOC coins.
As for now I am expecting the EOC to fall to 1.50€, probably starting its rally hereafter.

The University of sydnay already solved the transactionspeed problem for the blockchains ( ), so the EOS management just could use their Code hiring its developers (they ve the money now) ,Adding some processmanagement and programming language to the chain should not be that hard..

So I am really expecting EOS to make massive improvements and the price jumping to the moon.

There is enough room for the next Ethereum             for those who sold their ethereums for a few dollars previously, regarding price development.
I ve already turned 90% of my portfolio to EOS, because the coin amount matters...
so if 1 day 1 EOS costing 100€, there would be maybe some more millioners under us..
Very very interesting--- BUT so spongy that you will never be sure if it doesn't totally fail
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