EOS ... the plan is coming together

Don't you love it when a plan comes together.

As predicted, EOS was pushed out of that wedge by BTC ... and we had to be patient but it's looking nice right now!

Volume is my main concern .... it is pathetically low for BTC , and that of EOS.

But look at the resistance levels folks ... and look at what happens above $15.

I doubt BTC will be stable long enough for EOS to rally up to these levels, unless trader get antsy and want to get in on EOS
before mainnet launch in less than two weeks. We would need a good day or two, where everyone climbs in.

It's not impossible ... but it's difficult to tell you how high this can go folks.

Keep your eyes on it, don't get greedy ... take partial profits when it makes sense.

Remember only a fool relies on one potential outcome.

Do not make investment decisions with this information. For educational purposes only.

If you wish to make a donation, based on profit you made on my ideas ... it would be greatly appreciated.
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Totally agree with you.

Have a look at my chart here:

MAGICMARK imfamousrajat
@imfamousrajat, nice. What is that top trend line that is descending? Also note, we know this is coupled to BTC. We are now in wave c of a BTC abc recovery. I calculate it can go to 8700, and then BTC may start a new impulse down. So we have to pay attention to that, as this rise may be capped by BTC's peak and fall! Now, BTC could keep moving up, but I'm going to at least take partial profit when I see BTC hit 8700 to be safe!
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imfamousrajat MAGICMARK
@MAGICMARK, Yeah, BTC's price movement is really critical for EOS and in general, for the whole market too.

And yes, that is the downtrend line from ATH. You can see my whole graph here:

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