ETCBTC - 25-200% Profit + Free Tokens (ETC Hardfork/Airdrop)

BITTREX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
The History showed that a HardFork with free coin distribution (Airdrop) always leads too a massive prive movement because everybody wants a peace of that free Pie. Ethereum             Classic will have a HardFork on the 5th of March and will Airdrop Calisto Tokens to all ETC Holder in the Ratio of 1:1. So make sure that youre storing your ETC in a private Wallet and not on a exchange, most exchanges will not support this HardFork and you wont be able to claim your Free Calisto Tokens.

BUT this is not the only Reason why we think ETC is a safe investment. Here are a few more reasons why this will be a very profitable Coin in near future (Q1-Q2 2018)

ETH is on the Rise and trying to climb back to its ATH             of 1400 USD. ETC Always follows after a while and is always worth around 0.7% of the ETH Price. Calculating with ETHs All Time High ( ATH             ) we should see ETC going to 75-90 USD.
Whilst the mining thing is not our domain, it is the talk that Ethereum miners plan to move over to Ethereum             Classic once ETH has reached Proof of Stake. The support of miners is important for the future price growth.
We think we could see $ETC in the top 10 of Coinmarketcap again after being some time below this mark. The trading volume has increased to 1.2Bln and the market cap is rising, approaching $4.2Bln
Also in April we will see the Launch of ETC Mobile Wallet.

20% @ 0.0034 ETC/BTC
20% @ 0.0033 ETC/BTC
20% @ 0.0032 ETC/BTC
20% @ 0.0031 ETC/BTC
20% @ 0.0030 ETC/BTC

Open Target! (0.004-0.01 = 25%-200% Profit expected)
Just sell your Coins after the Fork before Price Drops again, well keep u updated.
We will try to Hold ETC during the Fork in our private Wallets, once the Hardfork happent,
immidiatly send them to an exchange and sell them before the massive Pull back
wich will defenetly happen after the Fork because people sell theire ETC after collecting the Free Calisto Tokens
We recommend not to HODL ETC because after the FORK,
we will see a Price Drop, wich can be a good Opportunity to buy in for lower Price to Hodl
Long Term Target is 80 USD ~0.007 ETC/BTC

50% Stop Limit @ 0.0028 ETC/BTC
50% Stop Limit @ 0.0026 ETC/BTC

Critics, suggestions and Questions are Welcome!!

Trade Safe, Stay Safe!

Yours sincerely,
BitcoinSector aka the one and only Bitmex Whale.

Telegram Channel with 24/7 Support:

Premium Channel for Altcoin Signals.
Only open and available for a limited time.
Garantueed Profit bigger than 1000% within 2 Months.
Corius? Want to gain? Pm us and ask for Proof!
評論: First 20% Limit Buy got hit @ 0.0034 ETC/BTC
評論: We are doing well so far, slowly climbing up Mount Lambo.
If you dont have a open Position, wait for a Dip before opening, dont FOMO!
評論: Here some additional useful Information regarding that Fork:

Which wallets support the hard fork?
These two wallets are guaranteed to issue the Callisto coins:

The Fork will happen by block 5500000. You can check for the current block. The calculations when the fork will happen are between the 2nd and the 5th of March.
評論: Looks like people with more Reputation and Expreience came to the same conclusion....
評論: 20% @ 0.0034 ETC/BTC - Filled
20% @ 0.0033 ETC/BTC - Filled
20% @ 0.0032 ETC/BTC - Filled
交易結束:達到停損點: Our Stop Loss was triggered! We will still have an eye on ETC and give you an update when to buy in again. We kept 10% of our Position because we believe in the Development of this Coin in near future and we want to grab some free Calisto Token!
More like failed lol
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@DNBoY, Thats why its just a Trading Idea and our magic crystal ball was mistaking this time :) Bitcoin is rising too fast and the Alts cant keep up with that, but as mentioned in our Trading Idea there are several reasons to not give up on this Coin (Proof of Stake, Mobile Wallet & much more to come)
Nice chart and guide.
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@TauCeti, Thank you Sir! I will update this once in a while so that we dont miss our Free Coins :)
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