ETCBTC Long term buy Opportunity

BITFINEX:ETCBTC   古典以太坊 / 比特幣
ETC looking strong a days ago and by looking at 3H chart we could see etc chainging its way to break the red line .... if we could keep going on to the yellow zone we can start new trading lines wich is between A and B
for now i am not sure to till you enter that coin but i am sure that if this coin cross A that will be the begaining ....

entry at 0.0028
stop loss at 0.00271

targets are
1st 0.00339
2 0.00405
3 0.00485

hope you good trades
交易進行: hit entry level looking to the first target
交易進行: since this idea was published it gain more then 20% profit
評論: moving to suppourt line at 0.00281
at that price we can reload and HOLD for other few days
手動結束交易: correction is pushing the coin to the old suppourt line 0.002
評論: we are on the plan but looking to market movement we may not go to the 2ed target in the short term ... we need big push to go there

will touch trading line to end ABC then start new wave to hit our targets

here we go

right at the support of the current trading zone .. bouncing from the line will start new eliot wave
starting wave 5 be careful to jump from the top
What do you mean with long term... Is this about 12 months?
@dirkdrent, not like so that it is about few months
MuhammadKarzoun MuhammadKarzoun
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