ETCEUR Bullish Gartley setting UP

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ABC of Gartley looks very good. Now price is heading down towards D assuming it gets there 78.6 will be completion of pattern and it will be time to get long.
評論: Nice bounce off the 78.6 level which is positive. If price gets to 29€ i will move my stop to break even.
交易結束:達到停損點: After a positive move off the 78.6 level price stalled above the 50 level but below the 38.2 (where i would have moved my stop to break even) and then turned down. My stop was below X and has been taken out.

* When I took the trade, I should have worked out what the March central monthly pivot would be. As it was below I could have factored that in to my analysis and moved stop to break even sooner.
Hi, just wandering what the changes are for it to go to X (or even lower) as per . I guess even if it does there's a movement up as there are correction type patterns? thank you
jcuypers jcuypers
@jcuypers, I mean to your X but the (e) on the diagram of the other idea posted recently
Gmanns777 jcuypers
@jcuypers, I see you are an elliot waver', nice! Gartley looks good so far, also on 4hr chart D (78.6) will be right on 200MA which gives it an extra reason to turn there. Of course its simply a higher probability price could go straight through that level and take out stop but its looking not so likely.

Thanks for sharing :D
jcuypers Gmanns777
@Gmanns777, no credit to me. just reviewing other peoples ideas. mine would look like this : :)
Gmanns777 jcuypers
@jcuypers, looks good :D
jcuypers Gmanns777
@Gmanns777, Still on-track, unlike Tesla's roadster...
jcuypers jcuypers
@jcuypers, stand corrected. off-track, like Tesla roadster.
brother, its start to bounce now,
anw its great concept from you

I wish I can learn that all pattern :) cool stuff
Gmanns777 AndreChristianto
@AndreChristianto, price is not yet to the D point... that is around €26 so i think it will still go down to that point. Happy you like the analysis :)
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