[ETHEREUM] "BUY & HOLD" you'll Love it!

Ethereum against US Dollar surges above 1050 and potential to break above at 1400,

ETHBTC Market Capitalizations - $557,666,000 (24hr TILL NOW)

Hold your positions with CMP at 06452

Set Targets to
Target 1: 0.084918 (31%)
Target 2: 0.100000 (54%)
Target 3: 0.118360 (81%)

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: Minor resistance expected
交易進行: Next Support
Still the same targets, 20% UP for now!
交易進行: Support Level worked out well,
as expected bounce back, In Play!
交易進行: TARGET1 HIT (+30%) Change in profit!
@BloomFisher ETH is almost double. Can you please let us know is this the time to sell it or should we still hold.
BloomFisher sandthebest
@sandthebest, Still an HOLD/HODL
+1 回覆
From the money coming out of the market.
Should we worry.
BloomFisher htgorgulu
@htgorgulu, No need to!
thank you for ur idea :)
can you tell me how much i should buy it with dollar ? :)
i guess its aroun 800 to 900 if it go down soon.. right ?
+1 回覆
BloomFisher Adelbouziane
@Adelbouziane, Yes you can BUY against the US Dollar but make sure you close your positions earlier than BTC formations!
+1 回覆
Adelbouziane BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, thank you brother for answer me :) i did right to follow you ^^
i miss the 930 so i bought it at 1064 dollar :)
i guess its good right ?
+1 回覆
any updates.
through analysis Fisher, We will all be happy we held.
Sorry, I'm new, which is CMP,
The objectives that you put are in btc?
+1 回覆
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