Day Trade 30min for my discord party on fridays links below

Hey I do a discord chat party every friday where we have 24h to post charts lets see em! heres the discord join link and here's the party rules
Welcome to the Video discord party! Today's party is going to be a CHART party everyone work from now until 6 PM MST (about 1h 30 minutes) and drop you're chart whenever! please be detailed and descriptive. You can only do one chart per person please use the @ feature to tag me @Highaltitudeinv so I can see the highlight that its a chart :smiley: This is a way that we can all learn about markets and perspectives, Remember try to make them good but nobody is judging here . its about learning and if you post something that doesn't do what you think it will then don't worry! , that's how you learn. looking forward to seeing the results from this! :smiley: tomorrow at 6PM MST I will post the percentage change and your discord name!. anybody that does a chart unlocks @ChartParty emoji and Role :Chartparty: (anyone that is another role gets both roles) This is just for fun but if it goes well I plan on doing more! Thank you all looking forward to it!! :heart: @everyone

Join the server here!


Dalin Anderson

Discord link is no good.
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