$ETH heading to 550

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In my previous series of ETH updates, I expected ETH to reach 300 and a bounce towards 280-270.
Next move up, I expected a target of 415 which wasn't reached, but from 280 to 394 was still a nice move.

I have made a new chart, which gave me some new insights and fresh look.

I'm expecting that present correction will retrace some more and once we reacht (4), we could make a massive ride towards (5) which is (for now) determined at 550!

Tradingadvice: wait for the further correction. Once we're closing in on (4) and the trendline , we can start watching the pricaction on a lower timeframe to catch a bullish candle.

I will update on lower timeframe.
Sep 02
評論: Current ABC correction on a lower timeframe
Sep 03
評論: Forgot to update here, but this was my chart yesterday.
It feels to me, we might visit the blue box a bit more

Thanks for your analysis so far... what's your view now given the recent market developments?
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could you update please
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I'm having troubles choosing between trading at eth\usd or eth\btc someone advise?
@uknowsam, I think not big different between eth\btc or eth\usd , but in case eth\btc you will be get more profit if the btc will get higher
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uknowsam ahmedjadalla
@ahmedjadalla, this is why I'm on tradingview. Smart people answering my dumbass qeustions.thank you sir!
uknowsam ahmedjadalla
@ahmedjadalla, BTW eth/btc is more votality (more swings) better for day trading?
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@uknowsam, if you're smart about it
uknowsam jarsonintlrecords
@jarsonintlrecords, yeah I'm trying to learn day trading. I have no fun with hodling.
oknirok uknowsam
@uknowsam, You'll likely lose money man. I'd just keep it in a few currencies and hold. Trust me, I speak from experience. I made A LOT of money, then lost it all. If I would've just kept it in one currency, I'd have a shitload more than I currently do and would've lost a lot less sleep.
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