ETH needs to retest 700

533 4
ETH has fared very well compared to its two brothers.
But it needs to retrace bit to that bulls can jump back on board.
$700 retest with a confident bounce should put us back on the uptrend train.

This is critical zone for ETH.
Holding the wave-4 parameters (bouncing from above wave 1) would give bulls confidence.
If it falls much below 700, then bears will be eyeing 600 as the extended wave C which currently seems to far away with too much support in between.
評論: Just hit a few limit buys in that zone.
Nothing big, as I am prepared to buy all way down to 500.
But 700 might hold for a bit of a bounce
評論: Still might bounce here, looks like back to original plan $600
評論: I think ETH still has a shot at this.
But EU and UK will probably sell it first, to find support.
評論: 700 has to hold this time.
Otherwise, the deeper C wave looks possible.
評論: Mission Accomplished.
Next resistance zone on chart.
They will be tough, probably will need reload first.
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Great analysis! Thank you
700 seems to hold. Some decent volume appearing..
EuroMotif BarrenWaffe
@BarrenWaffe, so far, but there is no bounce. And the order book at 700 was wiped so all previous support is gone. But lets see if it bounces soon
great (y)
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