Just looking for input/suggestions

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ETH has to unclear directions right now.

I am looking for opinion on trading when the market decides direction. Just looking for inputs on my analysis.
So basically my charting proved correct and it went down trend. Shorted last night and closed 70% to lock in profit
I personally think it will hit roughly 1285 this evening followed by a bull run over the next 3 days to roughly 1550. I think the overall market for cryptos will turn from bearish to bullish and when the overall market sentiment changes, combined with the fact that eth is likely the most 'safe' bet in the crypto space, means another bull run to a new all time high, slighly higher than our most recent of 1430 ish.
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@freddieb321, Thanks for your input. truly appreciate
Hey nice work! My 2 cents is that Ethereum is currently on it's last price surge upwards and is due to reprice downwards once this current "leg up" is done. There's a couple of stops on the way: 1364 which it is trying to break now and around 1500 . .. and then around 1664 though I don't see it reaching there before repricing downward
@PNUTTY, Thanks for you input. Truly apprciated
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