Ethereum is getting some massive upgrades.
Ethereum someday will be POS
Ethereum show signs of an ascending triangle
The world is just starting to realize and understand the potential behind blockchain

1st Target 600$ and above.
2nd Target 1000$

Stop loss around 330$
評論: ETH broke previous all time high. This could start accelerating from here...
評論: It seems we are on track and this trade is confirmed, there is a pullback in process; It should be bought heavily.
交易結束:目標達成: 1st target reached.
交易結束:目標達成: 2nd Target Reached, I'm still bullish though haha
評論: This trade was perfect
i'll see you at $600. $ETH slowly taking more and more control
This stop loss is going to be triggered. I'd leave a bit more of margin. A massive sell could take the price there and put it up again. Don't you think? at least while it doesn't break the 400 level
rexlomax franabenza
@franabenza, Totally agree with you on that one, it would be better if i have stated that a daily close below 320$ would invalidate the trade.
It's nice to see a trader or TA factoring in some information about the technology. People seem to often forget that the blockchain will be implemented into many many industries in the future. Ethereum is like the coming of the internet.
@jazz363, Thanks for your comment
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