ETH USD to $150 by the end of the month!

Looking like we will see we will see a mild correction from ETH/USD that will cause some minor consolidation down to $75 before we continue towards the new goal of $150 following the previous Elliott wave .

Dates to look out for:

* ETH back in the low $90s tomorrow 5/12
* ETH Double bottoms at $75 around Tuesday 5/16
* The market shifts and the trend continues all the way past $100 but only to $110
* Minor correction to follow the previous run up down to the new support at $100 (around the 5/24)
* Steady movement to further continue the trend upwards all the way to the new top at $150 in the last days of May.
評論: Update 5/12:
Looks like I may have not read (B) correctly and put it retesting 100 when it should be lower than (5). In any case, things are progressing and we should see $75 in the next few days.
評論: Update 5/19:
Blast-off happened a bit earlier than predicted and with a local low higher than expected. $150 USD may be under the top for this run. 150-200 for sure at this rate.
This is great!! Do you think it should do a correction to 106 now? Thank you!!
zebrains juanlamarca
Looks like things are still chugging along. I don't think we have hit the local top just yet. Maybe 120
@zebrains, sounds great, Thank you!!
This looks awesome but the 3rd line is always longer than the 1st. Why 3 is not (i) and 4 (ii)?
zebrains mmrvi8
Hmm, you make a solid point. I'll look things over and see if some adjustments still fit the chart.
How do you determine where to put the second fibonnaci retrace on the right?
zebrains neanderthil
@neanderthil, The first run-up was from ~$50 to ~$100. With the consolidation to $75, a repeat of the same pattern would seem to sit around $150. $150 also happens to be a psychological resistance level just like $100 is right now.
@zebrains, Hey dont know much about this stuff. Like fibonnaci retraces. Any recommendations on where to learn this stuff. Think I'm a smart guy so I think I can handle whatever you recommend me! Thanks
zebrains AOMINEDAIKI999
Youtube is a good place to start. That and lots of practice. Avoid making any trades until you have a good idea of what you are doing.

Finally, never assume that you actually know what you are doing :P There is always more to learn.
@zebrains, any recommended channels?
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