ETHUSD Ichimoku Bear Signals

KRAKEN:ETHUSD   以太坊 / 美元
556 7
Most of the explanation is on the chart, and I chose 4H to convey the prediction. The other scales seem to agree.
評論: The price is now floating inside the cloud. The overall trend still looks bearish, but the price might float for a while.
評論: 315 USD seems to have a lot of support. Let's see if the wall stays there.
評論: Next human walls are around 300 USD. I see it as the next stop. Right now the price is indeed floating around 315 USD.
評論: The price oscillation around 315 USD could be over. Unlike last time, most buy walls shifted to prices sub-300. I'm placing my own order around 280. Then I might reopen in the next bounce. (I want to secure profits and buy some ANT while it's cheap. :P)
評論: Revisited sub-300. Hello, my old friend. I think 300 will be the new center for oscillation.
評論: First walls forming around 260 USD on Kraken.
交易進行: Added 10 ETH to my position at 304 USD. Time for a swing downwards. The uncertainty GDAX will put into the market could help break the 300 USD resistance area.
評論: Unless the price goes to 340, there still aren't signs of trend reversal on larger scales. 30min candles are the current focus. I think the price oscillation may go back to floating around 315 USD.
評論: The price fell before reaching the cloud on 30min candles and the price bounced on the 2H chart. Still expecting oscillations around 315 USD.
評論: For those who like the traditional TA, it looks like it's forming a double top, with top at 329 USD.
評論: Still roaming 315 USD and teasing with going to 300 USD. From the setup I still think the downtrend will hold.
評論: The idea of ETHUSD being in a massive bull pennant isn't fat-fetched, but the price seems to be strongly capped at 330. I'm not sure if it's price manipulation or just the market bears.

In the case there is no breakout to the upside, the price could follow an N-wave shape, which could reach the 260 target.
評論: So at least in Kraken 288 USD is a super strong support. I don't know if someone wants to avoid the price from going below 288 or it's just a natural support.
評論: First target visited! Hello 260 USD! That support must have blown… unless the whales pulled and allowed the free fall to happen.

(I have been traveling, so I wasn't watching charts.)

Next stop 200 USD?
評論: I'm doing some vanilla. Riding from 276 to ~300.
評論: We were 18 USD from the week target. I'll have to review if 200 USD is the baseline or waiting for 180 USD is the best option until reversal.
評論: It turns out I cant delete posts, so I'll just spam a donation address. Send me your ETH here 0xF7Dc813B5c746F777DD29c94b7558ADE7577064e.
Hi. Any sign of bouncing back up?
hirounsung derektwlee
@derektwlee, Not really. I think 260 will happen in the next few days and 200 later on. Bitcoin is leading the run, so ETH follows, and often times crashes even harder. I wouldn't long under any circumstances unless it's super short term to chop trade.
At what point do you think it breaks support and heads to your 1st Daily Target of 260?
hirounsung icculus
@icculus, I think it's hard to tell "when". It will probably come down to a big short or a BTC rally. Maybe some panic selling.
Good info I was wondering what those indicators indicate
Nice chart bro. What would you set your buy in at? 325-330 ?
hirounsung KFedTrading
@KFedTrading, I'm actually short since earlier. In this case I would expect for the confirmation from (5) and (6). The price to get in depends on how the swings are going in the shorter scale.
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