ETH almost finished 5th Elliott's wave, short it!

The chart is obvious, we almost finished Elliott impulse wave, here comes the bossa . We may reach 400 or even 410 but in longterm sight we should short it to the ground :)
評論: Wave A seems to end. Some frantic gays can buy here and set TP at 345$, SL 270$
交易結束:目標達成: C fall is heading to end
u were right. i had a ABC correction! nice call
Danmaz1337 Travis26
@Travis26, I was lucky ;)
Umm, you know it's not all TA dude... I mean with this bull run, the block size reward splitting in two almost (from 5eth reward to 3eth), and the upcoming Metropolis hard fork on the 15th of September, I don't see any correction until mid October, after that November should also bee a good month to sell, (aiming at the upper 500s from our current momentum).
I think it will touch 400 and the fall to 380 until some resistant point around 360
But who knows? September comes with a paycheck ready to increase the bids
Great analysis!
And then it bounces to $500?
Danmaz1337 mightytrader
@mightytrader, If C wave will finish around 250$ then 500$ is possible
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in this bull market good luck.
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Danmaz1337 parker1717
@parker1717, Well my friend, when everyone talking about bull market then we are in bull trap. But we can reach 400ish as I said before A wave
HondaJr Danmaz1337
@Danmaz1337, Some people think Elliot wave doesn't work in Crypto market. What do you think about this opinion?
Danmaz1337 HondaJr
@HondaJr, it wont work on minor crypto for sure, but btc, ltc, eth is very technical and you can do your measures and find ewaves there
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