Ethereum Consolidation before the MAYOR DROP -60%.

The odds are in favor of a consolidation before a mayor drop. Fear and panic is what i smell in the Crypto world. The ethereum development team has publicly acknowledge that their coin may suffer what they call the "ICE AGE" because they new Forks and updates to the code. I remain Bearish + i believe Ethereum concepts are not practicals enough in the current world and this crypto suffer for not having a real use case (many will not agree with me here i know), but maybe in the next 10 years will be more practical. The same Vitalik has talked about this in his recent Twits. Good luck in your investment.
What are you now a crypto version of a penny stock basher? Its bad enough we have now the slice and dice ego centric chart schlubs en mass every 12 hours with idiotic analysis. So now we get bashing by chartologists... you guys are ruining the trading.
@CB58, good luck with your etherum holdings, was a great for me
Stick to the TA because your knowledge of fundamentals is clearly lacking. I don't believe you have any understanding of what the Ice Age actually is - this was implemented intentionally by the development team in order to act as motivation for a move from proof of work to proof of stake as mining rewards continue to decrease. It is not something Ethereum "suffers from" because of forks or changes to code.
@h2a7m, maybe i didn't explain my self correctly and the use of words was not accurate but the metaphor behind my affirmation is that we will see "Ice Age" in prices too (ICE = negative for prices) .. Also is funny to see how you contradict your self in this quote when you affirm that "Ice Age" is implemented by the development team and you make a negation latter saying that is not because of forks or changes to code. (Question for you is not Implementing intentionally the same as changes to the code? unless you are part of the developing team you cant refute my argument because you dont know either)
@h2a7m, So friend good luck with your etherum holdings, i hope you are doing fine
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