ETH Breakout coming!!! Here come the bulls!

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Taking a look @ ETH on the daily from a zoomed out perspective we can see price has returned to it's breakout zone. Last time we were at this price we broken out of ascending triangle @ $420 and shot up to all time highs with almost no resistance. Although price has not yet broken out of this descending wedge , a breakout/down is definitely looming in the air.

Switching over to our trend timeframe we can see uptrend has been tested and confirmed. Was waiting for a break and close above $420 on the 4hour was has been confirmed for support, price looking to break out wedge .

Finally taking a look at our trigger timeframe we get a better view of the break and close, along with the test for support. If you did not get in on the close at $420 a break and close above $475(blue line) on the 4hour is another solid entry.

Take Profit 1: $700
Take Profit 2: $1,000
Take Profit 3: $1,400
Take Profit 4: New All Time High
Take Profit 5: HODL

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