ETH Bull/bear fight 4/14/2018

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
4/1 - 4/13 (12 days) average Volume: 1.8billion HIGH: 2.5B Billion // percent Gain so far: 47%
2/6 - 2/17 (11 days) Bull run average Volume: 4.7B // percent Gain: 264%
3/18 - 3/20 (2 days) Bull run average Volume: 2B // percent Gain: 128%

We break out of this channel with volume . The only way I see us trending up to a bull market is if we break this trendline and we rally above 520~. Otherwise, I see us just bouncing off the next resistance and back down. I don’t see this happening since this is the weekend (24hr volume did barely hit 1.5bil compared to 2.5 the previous 2 days). I believe we are in a ABC correction and we haven't even gotten C yet.

P.S. People could be waiting on the sidelines for a breakout, hence why this could technically happen.

More likely case since tomorrow is also Sunday. I see us breaking the lower trendline and we fall to .382-.5 fib levels where I'm sure we will get hit by lots of buy orders that are just pending. I feel like we will hit this level by Monday and we will continue our bull market and finish our 5th wave up hitting 600 levels by the end of the week and correcting again over the weekend.

.382 .5 fib levels don’t hold and .618 levels don’t hold either I conclude that we are indeed in a bear market since .786 would be in the panic zone and lots of sell orders will be coming in. Which I don’t think will hold and we will have a repeat of the 2/6 bull run. Where we did not get that final wave up.
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