FX:EURAUD   歐元 / 澳幣
I am not interested in selling EA again yet. Called the sell at the top, and the buy from the bottom BTW, just not in here. I expect some further correction up. I removed all my trend fibs and simplified for clearer chart. I see more downside but expect another leg up before any bearish continuation. I feel like the current pennant that it is in on 1 hr is incomplete. A small move down and rejection from the zone below (see black ray line) would measure exactly equal to first leg of current correction and put price at .618 retrace of choppy, corrective, truncated diagonal down (at least how it looks now). Which would make perfect sense to me. That level would also be the 1.236 fib extension down from smaller corrective pattern as I have analyzed it. It's possible it could produce a nice setup that keeps going down but I doubt it without another push up. I want the buy for now. If dollar is bullish , considering Gold prices, Aud will drop harder than Euro , thus making even more sense for the EA near term buy. Then I want the sell, but I'm looking later on for that. Watch the video. I will try and update my other posts sometime before market open. Soon I will have my company and screen space up and going and will provide more timely entry points because it is all about that price action baby, but for now, these types of posts is all I can do.
評論: On the EA buy... It may go up A LOT so if you get good entry and I would look to twin trade it, leaving some on because the way it goes up will tell us whether or not we will get that sell setup, but may not...
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