EUR.CAD - Video Technical Analysis.

FX:EURCAD   歐元 / 加元
Hi Traders,

TradingView has given me a great opportunity to share a short video with you breaking down the EUR.CAD in a little more detail explaining the initial confluence, entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

Thank you for the continued support & a BIG thank you to TradingView for their continued amazing work and service.

評論: Below is a text format chart of how i use the 4hr 50EMA as confluence.

everyone we should thank TomHall more for all the work he has been doing...
please keep posting more analysis... it helps me learn... and i hope to be good like you one day...
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I am really thankful that TradingView is beta testing video analysis especially for you. It is so great to hear how you are thinking as you analyze your charts. Don
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TomHall Tradingstrategyguides
@Tradingstrategyguides, Unfortunately i didn't have huge amounts of time today, however i will be sure to get a couple more videos distributing over the weekend and into next week.
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Can anyone tell me whether it's shor or long...cant play video on my device plz
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TomHall om.deuja.chhetri
@om.deuja.chhetri, It was a long position, please note this video is breaking down a position that is now already closed.
How and where do is sign up? Thnx
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TomHall sajidrahman
You can view the website from the link in my bio, any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Very nice explanation.. keep on good work mate :)
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TomHall Slovenia12345
@Slovenia12345, Thanks very much, appreciate the message :-)
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