Still in the range ........

FX:EURGBP   歐元 / 英鎊
42 0
Okay previous blogs 2/5/17 & 17/5/17

This is in a range and we have some data due out today from the Eurozone .
Now what goes up must come down and vice versa , anyway the GBP has taken a beating due to the latest polls showing the race is tighter than they thought , the headlines have just come out to say the conservatives will fall short by some 16 + seats for complete control, but this has been seen as a calculation mistake .
Bottom line until the 8th june the GBP will remain under pressure and there is some key data due today from the euro             zone . We will be going short on this puppy , over the course of the week I plan to sell in slowly until the 8th june .

1. This is in a prime spot its at resistance .
2. The 0.786 fib line to contend with
3. It is meeting resistance for the 4th time

Sell after data today slowly ......

Short @ 87.30-88.00

Stop @ 88.00 Depending how far this goes

TP @ 86.00

Happy trading people , And Im back now, been very busy with some things in the background last week but all aboard again ...........
交易進行: we entered @ mkt now which is 87.52

Stay tuned people ...........
評論: remember selling in slowly, we plan to get more if it continues to retrace with all eyes on Thursday and the election results .........
手動結束交易: Due to cross rate influences today, notably ( EUR/USD ) after the poor figs from the US yesterday.

30 pips moving on ........

stay tuned
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