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EUR GBP question: don't they look similar moves? I don't know and this why I am asking. There is something repetitive in the way these two moves behave or it's just me allucinating for overtrading?
評論: Could it be a 3rd big wave? If it is, this trend started in Dec 2015 and is about to make the final wave towards 0.92 to be hit this summer...just a guess...please let me know if I am creazy
評論: Why should it make a 3rd wave?
評論: It would be much easier to go down
評論: Is there any change in British politics expected to happen mid year? Maybe this is why would try to make a last top. Just before it happens.
評論: It is important because it would explain the moves it is making daily. By knowing it is taking such a trend you could ride it up for a few months. Ok I am done, sweet dreams lol
評論: Approaching the end of a cycle? Cannot stop thinking about it
評論: Let's see if it make sense: in principle fiats should be stable right? Or at least a controlled volatility ok. We have a nice pattern repeating itself over time just like Mendelbrat tought us. Wouldn't be this a good signal? Just repeating itself ending a cycle...ok but still what cycle?
評論: Feel like I am talking to myself.lol
評論: Too predictable?
評論: Ok, since this is boring let's make it fun...SPOT the DIFFERENCES between the moves in the circles.
評論: Nobody? Well, never mind...this platform is still a very good way for me to store my ideas. I see the 100SMA pressing down a lot more but I am sure there are others that may help us understand the moves.
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