EURJPY Uptrend Start, or retracement for downtrend continuation

FX_IDC:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
Not a setup, but a downtrend continuation prediction is what I have in mind.
Price could follow the uptrendline, to continue up as Fibonacci tool predicts where it will lead to,
while 117.7 hit 61.8% & may be enough to continue downtrend with Traders Dynamic Index indication of reversal from an uptrend start.
Or price to move up according to its minor fibonacci lines 61.8% to 119.6, being, still at a red zone of the major fibonacci, allowing a turning point in the future to continue down if other conditions necessary continue to be met at that time.
評論: Failed prediction in immediate days.
This recorded prediction is added to my skills and written strategy explaining all possible events.
Essentially this Failed prediction is improving my strategy as I explained in my Public Profile "Status".
評論: Comments/Questions are welcome
評論: This was truly an upward breakout for the start of a new trend.
評論: Personal Notes:
How could I know it would breakout?
Traders Dynamic Index analysis confirmation?
Did I check Higher time frame Traders Dynamic Index indication?
No, yet H4 makes trough be seen as a likely pullback, thereby preventing incorrect entry.
Supertrend did signal such trend start.
評論: Multiple Time Frame Analysis was not available for me at that time, so I was more prone to error.
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