Easy 200+ pips, dont miss! - EURJPY - BUY

FX_IDC:EURJPY   歐元 / 日圓
After analysis i can say we will haveve much more bigger UP trend. EUR trade negotations betwen CHN AND USD are be positive today, that is give some power to EUR. EUR will recover my opinion today. JPY is the weakest currency today, and they are have some poor economy results in last week.

Join on this idea i expect big profit here.

TP1: 118.600
ENTRY: 118.400+-
SL: 118.100
Chart time frame - 1D
Time for reaching TP - 8 - 72 hours

More information soon!

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All best!
取消訂單: I will close this idea, because of high posibility trend will be changed! DepaFX


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