EURUSD - (NEW TV-Video Test Showing Potential Bullish Cypher)

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hey traders wanted to show you a potential bullish cypher formation that is setting on on the $EURUSD. No long description needed this time since this is a video and I can talk to you guys, but please leave some comments about what you think of the video. I've been helping Tradingview beta test this new feature so I'm sure they would love to hear about the quality of audio, visual, etc. Thanks in advance and I wish you guys a successful week of trading!

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Tier One Trading Royale Ball
No issues... everything sounds just right.
Audio and video looked great Akil
thank you for the analysis coach!
both audio and video seemed to work excellent this time. The analysis was just ok.... lol
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@Jimdandy, Thank you Jim, I'll take the OK as an upgrade from the usual rubbish
Jimdandy Akil_Stokes
@Akil_Stokes, Never any rubbish from you my friend. All the best in your future endeavors!

nice call!

in my video on youtube I elaborate on why I hold last week's sell and was able to sell again. Safe trades.
Hi Akil
It was a good video but the youtube is better.
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@liorzuk, Thank you
All Good
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