EURUSD: Huge Upside Potential On Asymmetric GDP Growth

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Quote: "Euro climbs after Draghi says 'global recovery firming up'"

"In a speech titled “Sustaining openness in a dynamic global economy”, Draghi said the global recovery is firming up, highlighting that growth has been “visible for some years”, particularly in the US, Europe, and Japan."


Trading Idea:

Even Draghi mentioned the US: Todays numbers showed better economic data in Europe same time US factory orders slowing down. Any lower US economic data is competitive to global data. If the US is falling behind Europe the EURO might have a suprisingly huge potential to the upside in the next month.
Trump setting records for low presidential approval

Plunging into undesirably uncharted territory, Trump is setting records with his dismally low approval ratings

At 34 percent, his current approval rating is worse than former President Barack Obama's ever was

Trump has defied the trends before. But if history is a guide, his numbers don't bode well. Low approval ratings hamper a president's ability to push an agenda through Congress and make it more likely the president's party will lose seats in Congress in the midterm elections.
評論: Quote: "Money flow: Investors pull billions from US stocks in longest outflow streak since 2004"

Remark: Traders should remind the "lock up periode" for stock repurchase programs to start in 3-4 weeks from now. Stock buy backs may prevent right now US stockmarkets from more selling pressure. This is going to change within days by end of september if investors might continue to pull money out of US stockmarkets.
評論: Comment: Quote: "The report also pointed out the turn away from U.S. stocks coincided with the late June surge in the euro against the U.S. dollar to its strongest in nearly a year, after comments from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi suggested higher inflation and tighter monetary policy soon in the euro zone.

The euro subsequently climbed to its highest in more than two years in early August, and traded slightly below those levels near $1.186 Friday. Draghi is scheduled to speak later Friday afternoon at an annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."
Source: Link above
評論: GEOPOLITICS: Trumps vs. "the Wall" vs. "China":

Trump reportedly demands China action: 'I want tariffs. And I want someone to bring me some tariffs'
評論: European shares hit two-week low as euro surges
評論: Dow futures open more than 100 points lower after North Korea fires missile over Japan

North Korea fired a missile over Japan, according to local media.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the ballistic missile passed over the Tohoku region at the northern end of Japan.
Local government urged people living in the area to take refuge in solid buildings or underground shelters, NHK reported.
評論: EURUSD: Short term reversal pattern possible. Consolidation at the 1.20 handle likely.



Moody’s cuts U.S. growth forecast, upgrades euro area
評論: Reversal Pattern likely to be confirmed today:

評論: EURUSD: ECB should push the EURO higher

評論: REMARK: Missing update to find here
評論: Fed's Harker sees three rate hikes next year, after one more in 2017
Any update on the pair?
Very Good, GL
SwissView trajkovic
@trajkovic, thx. Sorry for late reply.
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