EURUSD Buy the breakout

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hi fellows, Watch the breakout and buy it during the ECB rate decision.
評論: Price did not break according to the pattern. We are having bigger correction once that formation will complete I will update the idea
Thanks for sharing your ideas. Can you explain what makes you think this pair could go bearish at this exact point?
Am seeing the same thing, am also looking at a Short for NZDUSD, similar setup no? @Wave-Trader

And strong buy for USDJPY no? BIG ABC correction showing there on the 1H?

In future, I like to talk charts and such things as it is all fascinating and the market language of ABC formations is proving to be profitable, where can I reach you for short conversation or to refer to you about somethings? Thank You!
Thank you so much for your Share as it make me feel more confident with my Analysis .
any update on this? thank you.. i am following your posts =)
Thank you!
good luck, EURUSD is a sell setup. I don't know how you make the trendline.
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RafaelBlanco hao.deng.m
@hao.deng.m, the chart does also look like a bullish flag on the hourly and 4 hour chart. we'll find out what direction it will take come next week.
Wave-Trader hao.deng.m
@hao.deng.m, I hope you sold it with lot of money. Because people like you confuse others mind.
hao.deng.m Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, lol, Mr. Trendline-Trader.
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