EUR/USD - Bearish Minute B - Bearish Divergence & Double Top

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
595 2 19
EUR/USD             is still overall in a Bullish Trend for the Intermediate Wave (Y) (black).
Intermediate Wave X (black), trade which was posted previously a the top of (W) (black), has finalized.
Intermediate Wave (Y) (black) is about to complete the its first leg from the ABC Minor within its structure.
Bullish Minor A (light blue) ( EUR/USD             trade which was posted previously on ECB Meeting) is about to finalize, paving the way for its Corrective Wave, Minor B (light blue).
Within this Bullish Structure, the ABC Minutes (green) unfolded as a Zig-Zag , with an extension in Minute C (green).
Minute C's (green) Impulsive Waves (i) & ( iii             ) (black) posed solid gains and share the same length. Fibonacci Extension from Minuette (i) to (ii) (black) points out that Minuette ( iii             ) (black) shares the same length (100%) as Minuette (i) (black), which points out the fact that Minuette (v) should be limited towards a 61.8% Fibonacci Extension from Minuette ( iii             ) & (iv) (black).
Decreasing Bullish Volumes are already showing the Main Bearish Divergence and the Secondary Bearish Divergence will join forces once the final small Bullish move for Minuette (v) (black) will be done.
To be noted that the Bearish Divergence popped up also at a Double-Top Level (Intermediate (W) high).
Minor B (light blue) is expected to finalize at the 50-61.8% Fibonacci Retracements of Minor A (light blue).

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Smart chart Libeloo24. Thanks for sharing.
@ardiansyah, you're welcome, thanks for the like. Many pips ahead!
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