EurUsd - Sell the breakout

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Central Bank tricks in the currency war.. Though they've ruined the H&S pattern - most probably too many traders were trading it - I still think this is one of those trend line breaks and breakouts which is not going to work.
Why ? The water is wet, the grass is green. The intermediate cycle is not finished yet.

The H&S pattern is invalidated : so I'm going to clear the target price counted from the pattern.
Waiting for the tag of the 200 EMA .

SHORT follow through.
評論: If the trendline is not holding we are good.
I'm anticipating a false breakout here.
評論: Banks want us to see this. Clear long:
評論: Sorry wrong chart.
評論: And in the meanwhile they are watching this chart:
評論: I would like to see the impact of the Black Friday 5 billion $ sale on the US Dollar.
And FOMC is at the next corner.
評論: This must be the right channel.
Are you sure that this euro decline will happen? Before FOMC we will have draghi speech and nonfarm payrolls data. Thanks for reply
@lovely4u, of course there is no guarantee. But when gold drops and stocks pop the chance is high for a dollar rally.
Please Arpi:) update it with more structural analysis thanks
@chartwatchers bearish figures for USD.. See close of last hour candle ..could be reversal.. wait for confirmation end of this hour
hi Arpi:) any idea about eurusd?
Interesting overnight drop and price action that looks like it will hold. Today's NY market will be revealing about the chances for a sustained weakening. The usd was dropping against all majors overnight except gbp.
Same page. Key support broken. Strong sell signal on Monday.
I think we are goong between 1.172-1.18 then bounce back to for another leg up.
Should follow Rsi as well..
I dont think we done with Euro yet.
I woyld suggest to stand ready to buy
If its is channeling then it should break up in a down channel right?
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