FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
125 3
As listed per chart.
Euro Scalp triggered with price below 1.1190. Looking for target between end of wave a and projected expanded flat point c. :)
Due to this extremely loooooooong accumulation period without a substantial down move according to plan, I took profit on my shorts this morning, and placed a JIC reversing order (my own terminology for Just-In-Case) well above the price action). WOW. What a bunch of sneaky Banczterz! They were setting this up all along to Go Long! First time I did this well off of a Stop Run down! I suppose if Dirty Harry had asked me "the question" today, I would have to answer "Yes, I DO feel lucky today" heh heh heh!!!
salsapete Melchizedek
@Melchizedek, Well done. I do feel price will move towards 1.11. Its the ultimate way to shake everyone out. First you run it high ,run the stops and and get everyone in to buy. Then you sell it down , run the stops again, getting people to sell. Now you ( market maker) run the price back up again like a jacknife , triggering all the stops. Bulls and Bears both shafted by an expanded flat. Job will be done..... :)
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