EURUSD Very high potential Trade Setup

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
Hi there, EURUSD almost have completed the bullish B wave which we were looking from bottom. We are looking for reversal from top. EURUSD has moved a lot. Watch for sell from top on any bearish signal. Last week it has closed strong bullish currently there is not any sign on lower time frame for short.

In case market opens with Gap up or down simply look for short.

Once you trigger the trade just keep in your mind that the bearish wave can take up to 60 or 70 days for completion so patience is required for this big wave. In case if you are not happy with that then you can look for small trader setups on lower time frame once we will see the bearish wave for that follow me on lower time frame.
It's still valid ? Thanks
There's strong Weekly resistance around 1.224x. Shorting is probably a better option. Anyway, to consider the price slides down that far. I need more insight.

PS: How do you draw those imaginary candles???
david311278 dkinanthi
@dkinanthi, go to where you select long or short position (thats the default in menu) then choose bars pattern - select the bars you wish to copy then paste them where you want to appear.
Agree but I predict the reversal will take place at 1.24-.1.25
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what in the world is this.. a reversal all the way down with no evidence? why though
kushagra813 eazywayout
@eazywayout, lol just a prediction as there's a strong resistance up there at 1.22500-850, If Candle break and confirm above that level then Long it otherwise it will short with a rejection. Chances for shortening.
Lord help you with your ideas
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how do you have those imaginary candles
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