EURUSD Filled the Gap

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
7691 16
EURUSD Filled the Gap

The recent rally hit the 1.272 ext
Also there is a bearish Cypher Pattern completed
at 1.1977

Therefore we can sell EURUSD with a SL above
Sell Limit at 1.1977 for multiple entry
Hi Jack! Is this trade idea still valid? Thanks for the reply
It is a NEAR PERFECT CYPHER !!! Thank you for this one, harmonics are awesome.
Please create a telegram Chanel. It is easy to communicate your ideas

i have a question i analyse using elliot wave and found that i will go up
2 pros also found the same thing
and swiss banking found a buy hartley on a lower tf
How do you keep doing all this analysis? It is great, love your passion for the markets tntsunrise!
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Are you confident of this trade tntsunrise?
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I want in this thing. I missed it.

61 FIB of the last movement, is also the structure before, when both meet, for you it is a clear sign to enter right? Starting from 1h to daily. All charts confirm this idea.

Or it wont even make it there because it broke recently the structure at 1.18135 and is pulling back to 20 MA in 1h and or 4h which is 50 Fib. Cant decide when enter :)
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tntsunrise Caripoule
@Caripoule, you are right
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Caripoule tntsunrise
@tntsunrise, patience is king. I was able to add 3 more lots along the way using ichimoku to confirm resistance. nice trade. harmonic patterns and a good executed breakout strategy makes u dollars. thx for the knowledge dynamite
just a pullback in my opinion, its about to skyrocket soon unless breaking my uptrend line on the 4 hour. Good luck to you !
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