FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
977 10
Looks like a solid break out now..
評論: Last week of vacation for me guys, will be posting again soon. :)
評論: 1.20 reached, looks like 1.23s next.. possible nice short in that zone.
評論: I'll be back trading on Oct 4th guys :), should be posting again that day
評論: looks like 1.24 is in play
評論: EU will test it's break out from years ago... at 1.242
don't go to spain. stay away from central heating engineers and refrigerator mechanics. eat free range pork meat - lots of it. UPDATE **CKING GU CHART.
This chart is one of the books of the trading bible
Your silence is bothersome but your charts will be greeted gleefully
99nines trajkovic
@trajkovic, lol - sorry been doing some private work - BUT- it ends in January, I should be back to posting Jan 8th or so..
trajkovic 99nines
@99nines, hi, good to hear you are alive. You must be dealing with central heating engineers if its taking that long to make it work
Donde están los gráficos
Researchers at centre of excellence of Dachau university have shown that monounsaturated fats in prawns and shrimp in paella affect sense of humour and since have been prescribing pork belly 3 ways recipe as tratment
Our ancestors left heavens millennias ago. Along with titty women and pigs, they brought with them - amongst many other useful things - tools, machines and central heating. More importantly, they brought with them - work, order and discipline. Lazy scum that was around the landing area runaway and their hair curled up in fear. Tired and frightened they were hissing in pain running through - what we call France today and hid on the other side of the mountain range. We still call the territory - hiss'npain - hispain - spain. They certainly have no spain but longshorts and flipflops. You were corrupted while on holiday, your ancestors are no longer proud of you. I have reported this to angel Hans and archangel Dietrich. Better get back to work otherwise you will be subjected to appropriate educational corrective measures.
Where are the blummin charts Akhenaten
senpai is back
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