Long on EUR/USD

FX:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
We just bounced back a bit higher the Support line 2 i guess we will have some correction now and we can take some swing trades now. We are trading with the target arround the old Support line 1 @ 1.2210 we will see if we go higher then this and going back upwards on a bullrun ill keep you guys updated. but for now we go long
交易進行: we set the SL below the Support line 2
評論: i expect a big bullrun after the asian marked opend. Asia will have a busy trading day and expect a good JPY etc.. so i guess USD will lose strengh again and euro will rally up so i let TP open and we will see where we go mabye back to 1.23 ?
評論: adjust SL to profit @ 1.21917
Forex <3
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