EU update

FX_IDC:EURUSD   歐元 / 美元
評論: short SL updated to 1.18542
評論: just added a scalp short at 17990 sl 18043 to 1700
評論: I jumped into this long at 17758 - same SL as the chart, I think my entry was a little higher than it should have been shown on this chart
評論: sorry in my last comment I meant.. I think the entry on this chart was drawn a little *LOWER* than it should have been... I'm long already
評論: Closed this long at 17651 as the bears look like they want to run this some more.
評論: longs on this trade were reopened at 1.17244
評論: Still holding longs...
評論: Still holding longs.....
評論: Looking good
評論: up up and awayyyyyyyyyyy :)
評論: Almost at long target....
評論: bingo :)
評論: bullish target broken, should go higher..
評論: closed all positions on this one... Played out well.... new chart up, GL
nj you have to correct points of resistance 1.17556 - 1.20386
Boars are in charge @+around the pivot line. Ovens are ready @the outcome
99nines tejavathanjithkumar
@tejavathanjithkumar, Thanks! getting close to the long trigger... we'll see how it holds up
Hope this will happen :)
99nines efazil
@efazil, looking good so far...
99nines efazil
@efazil, and it happened lol
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