FoldingCoin (FLDC) Ultra Opportunity (2000%+ Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:FLDCBTC   FoldingCoin / Bitcoin
I don't know who I am going to give credit to for calling my attention to this coin, FoldingCoin (FLDC), because I received dozens of messages recommending me to post it.

This coin has reached bottom and has every single feature that we look for in a winning coin, meaning: Bottomed out, breakout and many bullish (up) signals and ZERO bearish (down) signals.

So with that said... LET'S TRADE!

Buy in: 250 - 340 satoshis

Stop loss (this is most likely unnecessary but..): 215


- FoldingCoin reached bottom and already bounced back.
- After the bounce, huge breakout, confirming a new uptrend.
- All indicators are giving bullish (up) signals.
- These indicators are the MACD , RSI & STOCH .
- MACD shows positive divergence.
- Candles look great.


I am inspired to giving you another trade.
Another opportunity to win in this game.
Another chance, to show how much you've grown.
Another chance to wait, and sell at the top.

Trade active @ 285

評論: FLDC Fibonacci Targets:

(1) 1722
(2) 2685
(3) 3458
(4) 4234
(5) 5339
(6) 6747
(7) 10800 (New ATH)
(8) 17320
(9) 23850
評論: P.S. Remember, to all rookies, this trade takes 3 years to develop, if you can't wait, then don't trade. Patience is key.

There are only two options when it comes to trading:

1) Sell for profit.
2) Sell for a loss.

Which one will you choose?

I am selling for profit... when the time comes.

評論: Remember to buy, rebuy and reload each time the price corrects or go down hard.
This is a market correction, something normal, it happens all the time.

Once the correction is over, this and other coins, including Bitcoin, will bounce back stronger and with much momentum to move up, why?

Because all the weak hands will be gone.
交易進行: We are really far away from our stop loss. So, unless our stop loss hits, this trade will remain active.

You can hold patiently until the price starts to recover.

You can buy-in, rebuy and reload every time the price goes down.
評論: So this trade is on the positive and above my buy in recommendation. It has been only 2 days since I share it.

All this trade/coin now needs, it is time to develop, so, enjoy the ride, sit back and relax. Once it starts going up, aim for the targets.

I will be sharing all sorts of different strategies on how to sell the targets in the near future.

評論: We still have a long to go with this coin. Allow it time to grow as this is a long term hold.

You can always sell for a profit if you feel you want to move to something else.
評論: We are almost within buy in range, so it is a good time to reload/rebuy.
評論: This coin is within buy-in range, feel free to open new positions (buy-in), rebuy and reload.
交易進行: We are in good profit here.

- The weekly chart looks good. The indicators are strong. Pointing up and plenty of room for growth. But it looks like a consolidation week, also known as time to wait.

Weekly chart:

- For the daily chart, we are going sideways, which is consolidation. You can use this channels as support / resistance level guides. You can trade within these channels, swing trades, but they will soon be broken.

- You can see clearly how the coin is moving and where you can expect it to go depending on what it does. If it breaks up it goes up. If it goes to support it can go down.

1D chart:

交易進行: The charts are looking even better now. We broke the small channel, we need to close above it to then break the bigger one. With this we start a new uptrend, and the fun can multiple...

交易進行: We are holding strong above the channel, this can turn into good news.

評論: We are above our buy-in, so we hold patiently until we start our next run.
評論: I am holding this and every other trade.
We are in a market wide correction, and for this we halted trading for a few days.

Bitcoin bounced from support and right now we are waiting to see if this support level will be re-tested.

We need to allow a few more days to know how things will turn out. To get better and stronger signals.

The altcoins are looking better now but still have a way to go.
For now, we hold patiently. We hold strong.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
評論: We reached over 250% profits at one point and we are still in profits now.

I am closing this trade idea and will revisit again in the near future.

If you are holding long, you can still hold this coin and follow the targets suggested above.

Thanks for your continued support.
手動結束交易: Trade closed.
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Hi Alan and everyone reading this,
I lost nearly $15,000 over the last two months. I've been watching you for a very long time and it's upsetting. I jumped in initially at ReddCoin. I bought in way too high. But I ended up making about $1,000 or so and then reinvested my profits in CapriCoin and FoldingCoin. You predicted CapriCoin to have a top breakout point of 4000% and FoldingCoin to reach nearly 2000%. I believed you. I poured nearly everything I had into both coins. Silly, silly mistake. I rode the wave. Let me tell you something, and everyone reading this, without any one-sided emotions getting into play. When you post something on TradingView to the public, 1. you already have a ton of your initial investment implanted into that coin, 2. you already have alerted everyone that pays for your website in regards to these coins, 3. you have already alerted friends, colleagues, etc... I realize that you post on TradingView for free -- but you really need us on this platform just as badly as we need you. You are very aware of realizing your influence and you've guaranteed to have made a killing off of all the crypto news. However, when you list coins at certain "buy in levels" its nearly impossible to get into the 1-3 buy in levels -- despite going onto Bittrex or Binance within minutes of your initial post. For that reason, I got stuck buying FoldingCoin at 0.06 and CapriCoin at 1.47. FoldingCoin peaked at 0.11 in mid January, and CapriCoin peaked at 2.40 a week after. However, on the same day that these coins peaked, they also fell greatly. FoldingCoin barely reached 100-150% of the 2000% and CapriCoin did better -- going from about 0.7 to 2.40 (about 350-400%) but nowhere near the 4000% you assumed. When the coins are advertised privately before going public, there is a ring of people that are usually involved. It's so very easy to pump and dump these small coins that have market caps of less than one million. I mean -- I bought a coin that FOLDS. And Capri? These coins are essentially ghost towns. They were created, and they were abandoned. Same thing with SpreadCoin which I had been in before transferring to CapriCoin. They haven't updated their services, websites or information in regards to their coin for months, sometimes years. It's a major target for someone that has great influence to get in there and "move" the coin. Screenshot a graph from Bittrex and claim the Fibonacci and candle levels are going through the roof again. It's propaganda and an easy highlight of a pump and dump scheme. There's so many scammers out there and they're preying on such gullible people... remember Bitcoin is used for a lot of bad things, despite how amazing people of the world might say it is -- there's a lot of bad people out there that are going to to entirely malicious things in order to get or steal your money, no matter what they do to you. And you -- who's reading this post -- is exactly who they are targeting. The only reason why some of these small coins may gain so much is that we keep watching them go up, and you immediately get in because you don't want to miss out on the ride. And then what? They sell the coin for someone that's willing to pay higher for it and -- poof -- your money has been transferred to them and now that coin is not worth nearly as much.

I know Alan isn't a psychic. I know he isn't a magician, a "crypto-profit," etc... but he's very good at propaganda and he's very good at getting people to invest in certain trades. I believe a lot of you have made profit off of his trades. I had too. But i'm entirely upset at what happened. This is a lot of money. A LOT.

Is it Alan's fault? You may ask why I am taking advice from someone on TradingView that posts for free?

I tip Alan through the links he gives out, so I wouldn't count that as free. I trusted Alan and was going to buy his services for 1 Bitcoin on his website. However, after the crypto markets started to crash in late January Alan closed nearly every single trade and stopped posting for a couple weeks. He closed FoldingCoin and CapriCoin immediately. Is this fair? No. Am I biased? Yes, of course! This is money that I worked for and that I painstakingly earned. Gone and taken by pump and dump schemers. I cried the last two weeks because I didn't know what to do next. Hold on for dear life? They're saying it's going to get worse. With South Korea, China, Japan, and India cracking down and that whole Tether scheme -- how can you be optimistic at a time like this? I don't blame Alan for anything. He's created a business. A very profitable business and who wouldn't be jealous. He's named the "crypto-profit" -- but please, sir, just understand how much influence you have on other people. Their emotions, their bank accounts, etc. You're in it to be profitable, but you need to realize how much of an impact this is having on people's lives. Its nearly destroyed mine. Please, please fix this and give an update. And please inform your investors to just be cautious. Do not make a foolish decision like me with these small coins.
+4 回覆
Why are you closing this trade?
+2 回覆
well there goes my investment
+3 回覆
Have been following this trade idea for about 3 weeks since 300 sts...not much profit till now :( Any update on this coin @alanmasters
+1 回覆
bubbls kh0195
@kh0195, well you couldve sold at 550+ sats? cant blame alan for that mistake ;)
planning to buy this at 221 sat
is it still a good trade or should I disregard? been following it for a few days
+2 回覆
JorgeA.Nino tamerauf
@tamerauf, won't get to 221
+1 回覆
bubbls tamerauf
@tamerauf, with some luck (next dip, whenever that is) maybe you could get it at closer to 300 sats
tamerauf bubbls
@bubbls, im not sure i wanna be investing in random coins anymore, after what happened over the past few days... i mean i had just discovered alan, sold everything and put them behind coins i know nothing about based on tech analysis. i think its too risky and now i dont feel like i wanna buy back into them tbh. would rather keep my money in coins like ENG, IOTA, ADA, etc- projects that I actually believe has strong long term potential. anyways, good luck if your money is in FLDC!
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