FUN FunFair Buy Opportunity (300%+ Potential) - Bottomed out

BITTREX:FUNBTC   FunFair / Bitcoin
FUNBTC (Bittrex) - 1 Day Chart vs 2 Hours Chart

Buy-in: 200-260
Stop-loss: 145
(1) 425
(2) 680
(3) 815
(4) 970
(5) 1190
* Use the targets only as reference to place your sells around those levels. These are not exact.

- Newsworthy even on the 20th December.
- Very strong bounce from support.
- Already corrected after first breakout and ready for more.
- MACD & RSI are showing room for growth and uptrending on all charts timeframe (very bullish ).
- And the TD Candle sticks is looking really good as well.
- Basically no volume . Only 75 BTC on Bittrex, which means huge, huge room for growth. These coins pump and the volume get into the thousands of Bitcoins .
- EMA30 Above current price on the daily chart .

These are more than enough indicators, some of the most trusted and reliant.
So we don't need any more. But like I promised, in the future I will be using more "stuff" just for fun and learning.

Let's get this going.
交易進行: Long term chart. We will face the 1st resistance @ 270.

評論: "We are also working hard at our plans for 2018 and will be providing a wider, more comprehensive company update on the 20th December".

Relevant news for this trade:
交易進行: We are already looking at a 25% gain. Already within buy in range.
Let's have some FUN.
交易進行: Bullish Flag: FunFair (FUN)

- Over 25% increase since our recommendation.
- Total volume on Bittrex 143BTC (This has the potential to go to 5,000, 10,000 or more BTC - You do the maths).
- Still within buying range.
- If you look at the 1D chart, the one on top, notice all the room that is available for growth.
- FunFair (FUN) previous All Time High (ATH) = 0.00001191. For your reference, that is, 4.92x lower than the actual price (242).

評論: We touched 260 for the first time, that's 30% from 200 when we recommended this trade. This is just the beginning.

Honestly, the ride hasn't even started yet, for all the reasons mentioned above. Not only is the volume low, all the momentum indicators show massive room for growth.
評論: We are strong. Strong support. On top of that, the support level is 20% higher than our buy in. Think about that for a minute. When this take off, we will be looking at incredible gains. Just let it work out, come back when you get my update.
評論: Raise stop loss to 199.
評論: FUN is getting ready to take off. I've been waiting for this one... This one has huge growth potential, which is the type of trade/coin I like... Low risk / High reward.

評論: I am closing my FUN position. Will revisit later after BTC's run.
交易進行: FUN is looking semi strong on all charts, but this might change when Bitcoin wakes up.

評論: Too many comments, sorry I got overloaded here.

Please send me the news on personal message.

According to my last update, FunFair is looking to make a reversal.
交易進行: In cryptocurrency, patience is money... Fun is growing strong:

交易進行: It is happening now!
評論: I opened a position @ 305 without thinking about it.
If it is breaking out, it will go high!!!
交易進行: FUN is on a positive trend. Strong for upward movement in a day or two and a clear buy.

Let's buy this coin, and have some FUN.
交易進行: HOLD this coin, it is getting ready to take off.

Both short and long term charts are full of bullish signals.

評論: Targets:

(1) 425 *** TARGET REACHED @ 420 ***
(2) 680 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(3) 815
(4) 970
(5) 1190

Buy back 10-15% lower.
375 - 390
交易進行: FUN is holding pretty strong.

This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the price drop.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
評論: Fun has been acting strong lately, which is good. We are going straight to the second target, so it can take a while. Sit tight, and enjoy the ride.
評論: We have action here but still, this coin only needs HOLD.
評論: FunFair (FUN) Targets:

(1) 425 *** TARGET REACHED @ 420 ***
(2) 680 *** TARGET REACHED on 30th December ***
(3) 815 *** NEXT TARGET ***
(4) 970
(5) 1190

I love this trade. We have been waiting on this one since December the 12, when we opened this trade. If you had patient and held your coins, regardless of "crashes", Bitcoin or what not, after only just 2+ weeks, you can be looking at 300-400% profits.

This is not theory nor an example, this is the percentage that the price has increased since we opened this trade 2 weeks and a half ago.

So we go back again, and call that little virtue, to remember those that love to wait. Patience my friend, that's how you win in this game.

Alan Masters here, Namaste.
交易進行: FunFair (FUN) Targets:

(1) 425 *** TARGET REACHED @ 420 ***
(2) 680 *** TARGET REACHED on 30th December ***
(3) 815 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(4) 970 *** TARGET REACHED on 31st Dec. @ 939***
(5) 1190 *** NEXT TARGET ***

FunFair (FUN) Targets:

(1) 425 *** TARGET REACHED @ 420 ***
(2) 680 *** TARGET REACHED on 30th December ***
(3) 815 *** TARGET REACHED ***
(4) 970 *** TARGET REACHED on 31st Dec. @ 939***
(5) 1190 *** TARGET REACHED on 4-Jan-18 ***
評論: If you joined this trade with me. You should be looking at around 500% profits since our join date on the 12th December.


Closing this trade does not means that FUN is over, or that the bull run will stop, it only means that I am moving on to other trades. And I am thankful for the profits.

Thanks for your support.
評論: You can keep on trading, and while you do it... Enjoy your FUN!
評論: I really loved this trade, plenty of room for growth. More can be gained from this coin. I hope you guys enjoyed the profits and early entry.

This was a great trade.

Thanks all for your support.


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💚 🕉 Alan Masters:
Might be time to look at this coin again! Jan 20th will be huge
Come back!
Excellent! I'm your fan)
+2 回覆
Thank you Alan for sharing this trade with us.
+1 回覆
Thank you for sharing your energy Alanmasters. I've made some profits from this trade.
I havent joined you on 12 Decemeber, but have been only following you at the end of December. I am so glad I found you, Master!
@TTHY, Exactly!
Thank you!
Thank you ALAN you are the BEST! Namaste! and ALL the BLESSINGS, WEALTH and FORTUNE from Goddess Lakshmi 2018!!!!!!!!
Please tell me everyone is getting these updates 5 minutes late.
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