BITTREX:FUNUSD   FunFair / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)

is on nice support area . One can buy here for a target of 50% upside.
評論: Rally just started in FUNUSD
評論: slow and steady, close to the target.
交易結束:目標達成: Target Reached.

Hope you enjoyed the profit.
評論: All we should do is buy and hold 2.5x in 20 days.
評論: 3x from now possible.


評論: Huge breakout on D chart.
交易結束:目標達成: Friends,

This is the example, I would like to stick with top 100 coins hereafter.

Just my call for 1 month, easy 4x.

0.23$ --> $0.87.

Starting the new year with this message to my friends.

looking for quick money? except for lottery tickets and casino, you cannot make it.

Cannot be patient? the loss is yours.

Closing this call.
評論: Lol, we are 6.5 times here. My leftovers on this coin are making good money.
Channel :

Only few seats left in Paid membership. You get personal support and get more accurate calls. Please Thanks for the support.

interesting case, you have any suggestion for entry now?;)
@perdp, it is bit risky to enter now, but one can enter now and add on dips. 15 days for 3x.
Hello! I am watching your analysis for a time and wondering how the accurate they are. And now when "red days" are comming due to bitcoin price increasing, I couldn't to ask you the prognosis for the near 1-3 days when. What you are thinking about the upcomming days. It will be better to fix profits in USD, as it will be the correction of BTC price or stay in and go to the moon ;D ?
@kwarty, thanks for your comments. We dnot know when the red days would come, I would recommend to stay on the coin.

My style of trading, I stay on BTC, when I see there is a trade opportunity, I jump to it. Make the profit, take actual BTC out of the trade and leave the profit on the coin. Dnot look it at for 1- 2 years.
maheswar81 PRO maheswar81
@maheswar81, BTC 19500 on gdax.
kwarty PRO maheswar81
@maheswar81, Yeah, I have just recieved message that in Korea the price was under the $20000! I am happy in one hand I have an unconfirmed transation in blockchain and it is increasing in price, but another hand my other purchases are in red. And now I am in the role of investor and will wait to be in green.

My friend, have you any methods that could be used to unstuck the transaction with low fee? Used as many methods as I found but still waiting for 4 days already.
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