GBP-AUD Strong counter trend Cypher pattern setup

FX:GBPAUD   英鎊 / 澳幣
This is not really a trade setup, it´s more of a little thought sharing on emotions, the biggest enemy for us traders.

As you people that follow me knows i trade harmonics an insanely simple and very profitable way of trading, removes all subjectivity from trading with some testable, verifiable, and repeatable rules.

I could not trade in January because i was away from home traveling and too busy to take trades, so when we reached february i was itching to trade, had taken November and December off as always every year from trading and i had a newly investment infusion into my trading account, that ment i now had a responsability to not only make my self a living, but also keep another party happy with very little drawdown. And here comes out the new emotions i had not felt since i started trading, got soo concerned with cash preservation, protecting stops / moving stops that i was not following my rules. I was so hooked on making profit with no losses. But the thing is, in my rules there is no stop moving, my trades hits T1 60-70% of the time if no stop is moved, less if stop is moved, so i was suddenly making rookie mistakes.

I started out with 2 weeks of 2% drawdown, it recovered to a 3% profit in week 3 but at that time i had taken my self in moving stops on so many orders i could have made the double. So i wrote down on a big note that if i broke another rule i was not allowed to trade for a week, which meant calls from the new invester. By doing that i got to remove my feelings from trading again, and what happened.. I got so relaxed about it, i knew my trading plan works and have done it for years, further more i had 8 trades until today that i would have killed with my emotions if i had continued on, like the one i posted right here. It hit my entry live and i was watching it free fall towards the stop, a heavily counter trend trade, but it met the rules - The rules that work again and again every year, in this one i once again cut my emotions out and it turned on a dime right before my stop and hit my entry for a 2% profit for today.

Test your plan, control your emotions and carry out your trades till you can do them in your sleep and you will become Prosper beyond your imagination! But remember loosers is part of the plan too!

Kind regards
Thomas Jeff
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