GU sell update

OANDA:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
GU closed the week breaking the high at a trend line of a possible diagonal. Pattern wise, it needs to correct down in order for it be in a bullish trend . It could come down from here, but don't sell a top, wait for a flag, but draw trend line on the top where you see my fork, because if it hits that without breaking the low, it should come down from there. That would be it's 3rd touch in I guess what I would consider a leading diagonal pattern, but that would almost be too easy an entry, you see my LONGER term target levels.
評論: How I have all those views and only a couple likes? What you guys seeing? LOL
評論: Oh wait... I don't care
評論: That made me sound like a jerk. LOL. My point is I like this trade. I am waiting for confirmation and a good place to get in it. You could have got a sell off the schiff line last night, but I am now waiting for better confirmation
Remy Martin
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