GBP/USD: Targeting 1.34920

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
Hi guys,

I hope you had an amazing weekend.

I am bearish on this pair, we have a nice bearish divergence on both H1 and M15 with a strong rejection, as shown in my chart.

I am targeting next fib lower (40+pip trade) even though I think it could go much lower.

Do not hesitate to Zoom out for more details.

Any like/comment is highly appreciated !



評論: Adding more to my shorts
評論: Selling has finally started! Finished to add some more shorts. Off the screens for a while
評論: We are in a resistance zone with a massive bearish divergence in terms volume on h4,h1,m15. Bears should be now ready to short it hard
評論: Updating in a couple of hours
評論: Guys,

I found a nearly perfect fibonacci setup which is slightly different from the one I gave previously but it explains why the price is currently stuck at these levels.

I am lowering my target to 1.34 (2 fib levels lower).

評論: The big picture

評論: Reading lots of super bullish comments on GBPUSD right now.

I just can't be bullish when I see that.

But of course, Markets decide everything and of course, I could be wrong !

評論: Keeping my bearish view, thanks guys for commenting.

You are absolutely right it's a question of probabilities! And points of view, ways of drawing trend lines sometimes... That's what makes Tradingview so interesting IMO....

評論: Finally!

I will monitor the position til tomorrow morning my time, maybe book some partial profits at some point.

I don't think the pair will manage to reach my 2nd target by tomorrow morning
評論: I would have let the trade run to my 2nd target but the fact that it took more time than expected to go down has somehow changed my scenario.

have a good day/evening/night guys!
評論: Took partial profits

See you guys
評論: Hi guys,

Just spotted this H&S


I already booked some profits yesterday and will close it a couple of minutes before.

Hopefully it can get close to my final target of 1.35.


評論: Rejection at neckline level

評論: Shorting again
評論: Targeting 1.35
評論: I will close my trade in a couple of Minutes.
手動結束交易: Closed with a nice profit this new trade
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached

Let me know if you took the trade!

have a good day

評論: Lesson of the day: Keep confidence and follow your analysis and intuition to the end. Price will go where it wants to go no matter the news will be.

My track record increased dramatically the day I stopped following blindly some FX analysts and famous FX websites and started building my own strategy.

My goal here is to share my views and make you earn money.

I will develop this point later on in a new post. Stay tuned !

Meanwhile I wish you a good day
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Great trade! Excellent ideas!! I followed your last few trades and were great, took it higher (closer to fib resistance) from 1.3583 and closed on 1.3496 . Thanks again!!
+1 回覆
SwissPips MichaelK85
@MichaelK85, Thank you for your comment! have a good day
nice profits booked!! it was worth the risk keep it up we are learning!
SwissPips melvin414
@melvin414, Happy to read that!
I closed it when you did! haha
+1 回覆
SwissPips ShortInTheTooth
@ShortInTheTooth, haha yeah cause there was the US red news, but not far from my target ;)
@SwissPips, Yeah, Thanks anyways! :D Better safe than sorry.
Nice work Jesse!!!! Thanks.
+1 回覆
SwissPips MikePan77
@MikePan77, thanks !
Lovely move down overnight, nice fat profits after breakfast is always nice.
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