$GBPUSD | Time to Short - HEAVY RESISTANCE!!!!

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
Hi Traders,
currently we're looking at British pound against the US Dollar             and it's expected to drop any time soon as R2 Zone is activated where Heavy resistance will eventually rally it downwards, if we pay a little more attention towards RSI it's all Jacked up which Indicates that market has tried to reverse down earlier but it didn't rally as per the expectations and now it could go down to render some bearish moves,
In our previous analysis we bought the Sterling at 1.398 which perfectly Hit our both Indicated Targets above (+200 PIPS)
Now that it has completed with the bullish segments we're shorting it with optimal risk ratios,
So, here's our preferences,
SELL NOW - 1.43165
STOP LOSS - 1.43493
TARGET - 1.41468

have any doubts? than, let us know in the comment section below
and make sure to give this analysis a Thumbs UP +_+
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Source - General public Information!
交易進行: SL HIT (-50 PIPS)
Get in again NOW!
交易進行: Please BOOK 50% of Profits on GBPUSD and Move SL to Breakeven!
(Running with +55 PIPS)
交易結束:目標達成: UPDATE GBPUSD - Fully Close Now with (+165 PIPS) of Profits!
Let us know how you did in this trade, averaging +100 PIPS,
thank you good trade win some pips
+1 回覆
@mazin88, Beautiful!!
on to your website I go
+1 回覆
BloomFisher dondilla
@dondilla, yes link in BIO!
I swear my allegiance to you Sir
+1 回覆
BloomFisher dondilla
@dondilla, Glad it helped you! :)
Target was not reached right ?
BloomFisher agomes.asg
@agomes.asg, For second Trade we placed our Target to 1.41761 which Hit our Targets if you've set your TP at 1.41468 than please close now, manually!
agomes.asg BloomFisher
@BloomFisher, done sir :) thanks a lot mate
agomes.asg agomes.asg
@agomes.asg, Do you think it will go for another bearish leg ?
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