GBPUSD Short soon ?

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
1375 12
Im expecting the price to reach my Resistance Level and turn Down for a retracement. Target on the Support line.
As price in king i will update if anything pops up with candlesticks formations.

Happy Trading
評論: If the candle closes looking like it is now (a little cute hammer) :) i think we all wanna short it for sure :D happy trading !!!!!
交易進行: The pair reached Resistance and now showing a bearish sentiment as predicted.

Happy trading!!
交易進行: STRIIIKEEEEE!! secure your gains with SL at BE for long holders its a FREE RIDE and non long holders can book profit if they want :D

Happy trading !
交易進行: One more big move, SL right on the last hourly bearish candle pick,

Happy trading!!
交易進行: Hello folks price breaks support again now put your SL at 1.2684 to lock 80 pips
Gros gars !
eddyfursy LordSOSA
@LordSOSA, et toi le boss
hi eddy thank for sharing but i think that s no time to short gbpusd we must wait for 1.618
eddyfursy GOFASTER
@GOFASTER, hello Mate, you can be right, lets see how it plays :) thanks for your comment
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thanks for sharing.
eddyfursy happyluckydog
@happyluckydog, you most welcome Mate, Thanks for your comment
Nice one.
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eddyfursy Smiley8080
@Smiley8080, thanks Mate :) and i appreciate the comment
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More too support your analysis... Theres a Gartley that will form right at the 127 retracement.. The Xto A crosses the 50 doesnt quite touch the 618 but In my experience and testing they work just the same.. If it keeps going past the 127 and hits the 1618 then youll have a crab pattern to go short on..
Good Luck!
eddyfursy Ryang71179
@Ryang71179, Thanks for your comment, you are indeed right, im waiting for some (2 or 3) spinning top candles at my *expected Resistance* if it breaks through i will target the 168 level including quaters for potential swings or reversals as im a 80% price action trader .You got the gartley pattern which i didnt see at all . I really do appreciate your comment, Thanks again!
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