GBP/USD - Retesting 2009

FX:GBPUSD   英鎊 / 美元
The GBP/USD             monthly chart, clearly illustrates that price has been stuck in consolidation from the year 2009.

Recently price has been falling sharply, heading towards the 2009 lows of 1.35000 to test it. If we break this crucial level of support it means price is finally out of this range, bulls are out and the bears are in ready to drive the price lower between 1.30000 and 1.20000.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting regular analysis across all major currency pairs.
評論: Please be aware this is a shorting opportunity.
評論: I thought it was only right to update one of my first posts here on TradingView with a monthly outlook on GBP/USD.

It's amazing how this move has developed over the past 2 years.


Since price broke support at 1.35 it created an all time low for GBP/USD. Now price has returned back to resistance which is why it caught my attention.

This will provide many opportunities going forward on shorter timeframes.
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Thank you Lewis! I think we're repeating the same moves in the forex market where is from June 2014 to June 2015. If US dollar rises then the metals should be weak.
The China stock market should run into the last bull cycle in 12 months. It could go historical highs with the Renminbi deposit interests hiking cycle and shall collapse after 4 hikes to press it down. I would like to see the first Renminbi deposit hike in 2018. Now the biggest investment is China cheap stocks.
@LewisGlasgow Lewis, what forex platform would you recommend for trading? I've started with crypto, so thinking about moving part of money in fiat trading.. Thanks.
@kofiwop, hey, I personally use Oanda you can check them out :) all the best
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kofiwop LewisGlasgow
@LewisGlasgow, Cheers, Lewis, will check, much appreciated )
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