Golem GNTBTC - Looking Tasty. Bullish Divergence + Cup & Handle

POLONIEX:GNTBTC   Golem / Bitcoin
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Golem is one of the most promising projects in crypto right now - so I'm bullish regardless of TA.

It looks like it's forming a pretty textbook Cup & Handle .
We also have a nice big Bullish Hidden Divergence.
The Ichimoku Cloud is positioned pretty nicely to curve the handle up right around where you'd expect too (will post a screenshot).

Bitcoin is going bananas right now so be careful - my feeling is that any significant move below 0.00007 will weaken this pattern a lot. But if it stays above, and obviously if it breaks above the neckline, we should have a pretty nice move up.

Good luck!
評論: Ichimoku Cloud:

評論: Held up really well against the bitcoin rally - still forming the handle nicely, and we've got another Hidden Bullish Divergence on the 15m charts:

評論: Handle incoming?

評論: Getting close!

評論: Is that beautifully formed or what?
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached!
Waiting for a good entry point, should be interesting. going to unload extra bitcoin from last night.
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