BITTREX:GNTUSD   Golem / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I haven't been keeping up on news from Golem so i would appreciate if anyone could give me an update on Golem's technology upgrades or any new announcements I should be watching out for. From what I've heard Golem has a bright future. By analyzing the charts you can see that investors haven't been wanting to sell the currency below .19 because over the whole market, everyone believes GNTUSD is worth more than that price.

I do want to say that I believe Golem has a chance to go places if it gets its feet off of the ground and gets the ball rolling. Hype alone could drive this price up to .50. We just have to stay ahead on the research to capitalize on the net gains.

Comment any recent news you have heard about Golem and/or any challenges that Golem might face on the road to becoming a main stream (and useful) technology.

Thank you
評論: If you disagree speak up. Let your voice be heard!
評論: Golem looking to test resistance soon
I am seeing that the resistance was broke, will see where it will lead.

Hopefully it will get back to the top 30 crypto rank

happy trading,

Great news coming from Golem this year. Especially once plasma rolls out, miners will need to do something else. This will only benefit Golem. It will take top 15 soon enough. Hopefully this is a true sign of breakout. Golem is my pick for 2018
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