XAU/USD - ongoing upper trend

TVC:GOLD   黃金差價合約(美元/盎司)
After running Shanghai and Hong Kong exchange with physical gold settlement there is opportunity for a new bubble, which going to be not so harmful for economies like DotCom or Housing bubble.
Regarding to rising FED rates in future money is going to be much more expencive, than they are right now. In accordance to that, to have ability for expand reserves, National Banks will be interested in gold "rush". If gold will cost $10000/oz - it would be a great opportunity to repay debts for National banks by selling gold without any additional debts creation.
Following that idea - I have a strong believe precious metals are the best underpriced instruments on the market right now, which have a great profit opportunities for the next 2-3 years.
now situtaion is bad it is break the risist
While I agree there will be a pull back very soon.
Followed by another reversal to the upside then there will be addition jump up around the Olympics
Falling off after that until say April when the Gold surge starts...

The trick is ... will the first move be this coming week or the next?
I saw the opportunity to catch the last bottom however there were indications
that it would move lower & I talked myself out of it.
As GOLD's big moves are always before and after the weekend (Monday & Friday)
when and how far out to by the first puts???
As for the long haul to get $10,000/unit perhaps you should look to BTC instead.

MikhailPetryaev Hope4Today9
@Hope4Today9, I defined the suitable buy level at 1200-1230 with target to 1700 and after 1700 upside to 3200.
Precious metals have a huge trading volume (trillions), and do not affect real economy, like commodities and oil. So, as I see, precious metals can be the safe harbor for private investors and a great opportunity for national banks for the next 5 years.

Just for example, US Treasury has more than 8133 tones of gold in its reserves. Regarding to today's price which is $1300 - it cost estimates near $340 billions.
In case of gold prices rising to $10 000 - US gold reserves will cost $2.5 trillions! Just imagine that!

So, as I see, treasury will have ability to get more than a trillion by selling gold and forward those money for infrastructure projects, dividents, national projects, stock market without harming oil prices, EUR/USD parity and global trading status quo!

Here are some statements:
Gold can't be forked, like bitcoin.
Gold can't be hacked, like bitcoin.
Gold don't fear the quantum computer, like bitcoin
Even if the gold storage will be on fire - gold willn't by destroyed, like computers and bitcoin
Gold can't be affected by electronic-magnetic impulse in case of nuclear war
Gold is a medium of trade globally, every person in the world know the value of gold and will accept it
To accept gold - you don't need to have bank account, crypto-wallet, ID card or something. It's a physical asset
Gold can't be issued
Gold can be used in aerospace industry (which is the future trend)
Gold price can't reach $0
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