TVC:GOLD   黃金差價合約(美元/盎司)
The petrodollar is terminal
Equities are in a giant bubble
Cryptocurrency Is Being Positioned
The Only True Money Is Metals
2018 Will Probably Be Crypto's Year
Ethereum More Than Bitcoin I Believe
My General Levels Would Be In Dollar Terms So Misleading Due To Expected (Hyper) Inflation
2018 end
Gold $2000/oz
Silver $50/oz
Bitcoin $50000
Ethereum $10000
2019 end
Gold $5000
Silver $500
Bitcoin $100000
Ethereum $500000
2020 end
Gold priceless
Silver priceless
Bitcoin ???
Ethereum ???
Right on. I expect gold to go even higher actually. It's THE precious metal after all (unless you figure out how to obtain/transmute/store some non-crypto AEther https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prima_materia), might be costly in the construction of AI.
Apperently Ethereum will be 500 000 000USD according to sources ;)
https://youtu.be/_hXSgIPLzxs?t=10m9s (He is funny but who put that guy on a supposed important presentation btw? Is everything a joke??)
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Inflation is already here, their numbers are wrong & have been tinkered with thanks to the jackals in the previous administration.
BTC for the win.
Ethereum, how many more times will the main chain be hacked?
qdoc Hope4Today9
@Hope4Today9, it's all a show mate but yeah thanks for your thoughts man. Btc is in big trouble. There will be rebirth tho i expect.
I also think there is inflation in the air. According to austrian economics theory it has already arrived and one can see it in the price-bubbles of bonds, equities, housings, loans and debt around the world. The question is not if we get a price-inflation in consumer-goods, but when. Perhaps 2018 or later.

Price-inflation could be the black swan in 2018.
qdoc Luettis
;-) love austrian economics man <B
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