Cash Is King! Say No More! Profit Delivery

Another profit delivery for my followers. We seem to be averaging over 20% a day on these trades lets keep it up with this coin HSRBTC .

You will see this coin had some volume building had enough momentum to explode and would of been anabolic moves. However circled in Green you will see just as it was about to break out of the channel BTC has taken its dip and we had a huge sell off.

We seen this sell off on loads of coins from stop losses being hit to traders thinking we were going much lower.

So yes HSR has lost some volume but have a look at the momentum 85% of this was maintained as this coin is due to explode. We are currently riding along nice over the 20ema and the 50 ema is on its way down for a cross in hours to come.

Black line is the bottom of this channel also, we don’t enter this trade until we break the blue line and close over but if we ever broke the black line while waiting due to BTC moving this trade will be closed.

Now entry is not until we have a confirmed break this could be a few hours off and more then Likely when the USA peeps get out of bed and see this chart.

The confirmed break is the first candle to close over the top of the blue line set at .000713.

Stop loss is to be set 1-2% below the blue line but do not set this until the first candle has closed over, also if we have hit target with 1 massive green candle you must be careful of a retrace before we advance so allow me to update the details on stop loss at the right time.

Targets are the green dotted lines, BTC movement’s DO affect this coin as you can see circled in green so we run a trailing stop loss.

Once the volume returns on this coin but will break it has the momentum there ready for a great run.

We need to be patient, I am also finding more coins for us to trade while this develops, but lets continue earning our 10% and more per day.

Cash Is King! Come join us, make some money everyone else is so don't miss out. First in best dressed they say.
評論: This trade remember as mentioned can take a fair few hours to develop but it still has a bullish divergence which gives us a good indicator on direction
評論: This trade is still looking very bullish but we must wait longer for it to finish consolidation and volume to return we expect a break high here. This will take time.
評論: Collect profits targets here have been reached

I am sorry I was offline to not notify you but if you did follow instructions on this trade and bought the first candle to close over the blue line you will be over a 15% profit now.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

what If I will put limit buy order right above the blue line? or do we have to follow it real time?
I will follow this coin today thanks!
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