Want A Profit? Here is your well overdue Delivery!

Ready for lift off, ICN is just starting to pick up some major momentum for some MASSIVE profits. Here we can expect a very nice return, one that should be collected over as little as a few days.

Now you will see the macd is just crossing and on the 4H doesn't show an abundance of room for growth however on the daily we look great.

The coin price is low and not far above its initial bounce point from the coin release, this allows us to have a well priced coin that is yet to see any serious attention.

The daily chart is just about to close over the 50EMA this will provide us strong support, you will also see on the volume indicators that just over the past 24 hours volume is creeping back in. This is good.

Momentum is there you will see the RSI running nice the Chaikin indicator support MACD momentum these are all bullish signals. The only thing that this coin is missing is volume but since that is creeping back now we will hit a breaking point and this is why I have just opened up a position now.

I suggest still running a stop on or below the black line, however we can enter and enjoy the ride knowingly we are buying at a price close to this coins lows allowing for plenty of room for growth.

Cash Is King!

評論: Good time for entry if you missed it we have just retraced inside Bollinger bands on the 4H.

You will see target 2 has been reached and target 2 broken.

Chart looks GOOD.
評論: ICN still running very nice momentum and is consolidating for another leg.
評論: I am holding in this as chart is reaching a point where we will see another leg soon.

Patience, we are above entry and we will sell targets.
評論: Checked the chart for ICN we have just seen a nice pullback and looks like we will see another nice leg.

If looking for an entry or to reload you can enter on this 4H candle.
評論: Looks like ICN could take of for those of you that reloaded yesterday or entered your already in nice profit
評論: We are in around an 8% profit here and coin is continuing stable growth with good momentum.

We still have low volume but you will see its rising, we will hit a point where this goes for a nice big run.

This is good to hold until we see this run, or if your not in ICN we can still enter.
評論: Target 2 reached and ICN is looking very strong
評論: You will see this will be the second 4H candle to close with aggressvie buys we are looking very bullish and a faster movement up very soon.
評論: We have seen a nice run, good time to reload on the pull back or enter.

The reason we would enter now is the pullback has been to our target which is a support so you can run a tight stop loss. We will then see the next leg.
評論: We are in good profit and looks like many more profits ahead.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

Hi,What the TP should be?
BuyGanyo BuyGanyo
@BuyGanyo, I mean i see them on the chart but what rally do you expect?
Thank you in advance.
BullWick BuyGanyo
@BuyGanyo, green lines are TP points. if u look at chart it pumped like crazy to 27000. Personally I'm looking for a spike and focusing on higher targets only forgoing the lower ones.
+1 回覆
awesome very accurate !!!
+3 回覆
You're kinda like a pump group lol. So many followers make this happen.
Cyrnix nphuongsun93
@nphuongsun93, Eh... most of his stuff takes days or even weeks to unfold. Doesn't seem like his followers have that big of an impact on the price as far as I can see. CIK is one of the best traders on TV though.
+3 回覆
hawkins1 Cyrnix
@Cyrnix, Your right on the money with CIK from what I have seen CIK is way better than the guys with 50k followers.
+1 回覆
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