IOP - Excellent opportunity short to mid term 100% +

BITTREX:IOPBTC   Internet Of People / Bitcoin
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We have a great potential for at least 100% profit in the next few weeks on IOP. At its support with a quick breakout and volume increasing.
評論: I am putting this trade on hold until bitcoin has made its correction. The correction is a good thing. Firstly healthy for continued growth and secondly, altcoins will be bought back at a massive discount.

I am still very bullish on IOP for the coming 6 months. You have two options:
1. Just hold. It will come back up fast and strong. This correction is temporary.
2. Sell and aim to buy back when the correction is done. I will follow up when we have more certainty.

Remember to commit to the choice you make. Do not panic buy and sell. The market losers are the greedy and fearful. Even if you do decide to sell and buy back, but you end up buying back in higher, the potential gain lost, was your fee to offset your risk from a further fall. Work systematically and patiently.
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